perfect protection
for the packaged product

Optimal Product Protection: The key to the effectiveness of Sbucciapack® lies in its ability to pack and preserve products flawlessly. This system uses plastic film as a barrier against oxygen, gases, moisture and unwanted flavors, while using paper to provide protection against light and temperature changes, known to accelerate product aging.
Sbucciapack 100% riciclabile
protective inner tube
Sbucciapack 100% riciclabile
versatite application

the protective
"inner tube"

Innovative Thermal Protection: The innovation of Sbucciapack® also manifests itself in an ingenious thermal protection mechanism. Between the two layers of paper and plastic film, an “air chamber” is created that reacts in the presence of temperature changes, increasing in volume to protect the packaged product from thermal shock. This approach provides an additional layer of security to ensure that the product retains its original quality.

wide and versatile

The patented Sbucciapack® system has an extremely wide application, finding use in both food and non-food sectors. What makes this innovation even more attractive is its versatility: it can be made with any type of paper and plastic film available on the market. Sbucciapack® offers a flexible solution for the packaging and preservation needs of a wide range of products.