the revolution
in materials

One of the distinguishing features of Sbucciapack® is the intelligent use of materials. This innovative system relies on more paper and a reduced amount of plastic film. The paper gives a strong structure to the package, providing an effective alternative to using many layers of plastic film, which would require the use of non-biodegradable solvent glues.
Sbucciapack 100% riciclabile
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Sbucciapack 100% riciclabile
water-based inks
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high-impact customizations

customization and aesthetics
high level

Sbucciapack® opens up new possibilities in packaging aesthetics. The paper placed on the outer side of the packaging allows for visually striking customizations. These customizations can be achieved through high-quality printing using environmentally friendly water-based inks. This not only helps improve the appearance of the packaged product but also underscores the commitment to more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

reduction of the
environmental impact

Using paper and reducing plastic film not only improves the structure and appearance of packaging, but also represents a significant step toward reducing environmental impact. With environmentally friendly water-based glues and the use of sustainable materials, Sbucciapack® demonstrates that it is possible to meet the needs of modern packaging without compromising the environment. In this way, the innovation of Sbucciapack® is not limited to functionality, but also embraces sustainability.