the traditional packaging

Sbucciapack® represents a revolution in packaging. This innovative system addresses the challenge of making paper and plastic bags easily recyclable. The idea behind this innovation is simple but powerful: turn traditional packaging into an economic resource. With Sbucciapack®, paper becomes new paper and plastic film becomes new plastic.


recycled or natural papers


plastic reduction


only pulp from responsibly managed crops

the ease
of recycling

Sbucciapack® is innovative first of all because it greatly simplifies the recycling process. The layers that make up the bag can be separated quickly and easily, without getting your hands dirty. This means that paper and plastic can be disposed of separately as recyclable waste. Using this technology turns packaging disposal from a problem into a solution, making recycling more efficient and sustainable.

from waste
to economic resource

Thanks to Sbucciapack®, packaging becomes a true economic resource. The ability to accurately separate paper from paper and plastic from plastic makes efficient recycling and the creation of new materials possible. This process not only reduces environmental impact but also opens the door to a more sustainable and economical recycling industry. Sbucciapack® demonstrates how innovation can transform not only products, but also the way we handle waste.