100% recyclable

Sbucciapack® is a patent-covered packaging system that can be used on any industrial automatic packaging plant. It is characterized by the coupling of a layer of paper, on the outer side, with a layer of plastic film, on the inner side. The two materials, firmly coupled with biodegradable water-based glues, are easily separated at the end of the product’s consumption, to be individually disposed of in separate waste collection. This is why Sbucciapack® is 100% recyclable packaging, because it eliminates the production of undifferentiated dry waste.


recycled or natural papers


plastic reduction


only pulp from responsibly managed crops

traditional packaging

Sbucciapack® represents a revolution in packaging. This innovative system addresses the challenge of making paper and plastic bags easily recyclable. The idea behind this innovation is simple but powerful: turn traditional packaging into an economic resource. With Sbucciapack®, paper becomes new paper and plastic film becomes new plastic.

the revolution
in materials

One of the distinguishing features of Sbucciapack® is the intelligent use of materials. This innovative system relies on more paper and a reduced amount of plastic film. The paper gives a strong structure to the package, providing an effective alternative to using many layers of plastic film, which would require the use of non-biodegradable solvent glues.

optimal protection
for the product

The key to the effectiveness of Sbucciapack® lies in its ability to pack and preserve products flawlessly. This system uses plastic film as a barrier against oxygen, gases, moisture and unwanted flavors, while using paper to provide protection against light and temperature changes, which are known to accelerate product aging.