of sustainable packaging

Innovation is often driven by simple but powerful ideas. In this context, the main goal is to develop recyclable packaging that can not only preserve the product flawlessly but also significantly reduce the use of plastic film. This vision is taking shape with Sbucciapack®, a system that turns this idea into a solid reality.

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eco-friendly water glues
Sbucciapack 100% riciclabile
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an ecological
and functional system

Sbucciapack® is a packaging system that can be easily integrated into any industrial automatic packaging system. Its innovation lies in the coupling of a layer of paper on the outside and a layer of plastic film on the inside. These two materials are securely joined with environmentally friendly water-based glues. This not only contributes to sustainability, but also to ease of disposal, as the materials can be easily separated for separate waste collection.

ed eco-compatibilità

Sbucciapack® represents a step forward in developing sustainable packaging solutions. Its versatility in operating with industrial equipment and the use of biodegradable water-based glues make it an eco-friendly choice. This system demonstrates that innovation can play a key role in reducing environmental impact while maintaining effectiveness in product preservation.